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Yoenis Cespedes (52) during the sixth inning against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports” width=”640″ height=”400″ /> Aug 21, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; New York Mets center fielder Yoenis Cespedes (52) during the sixth inning against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

YOENIS CESPEDES! Those two words have been repeated the entire offseason. His name has popped up from #metstwitter to the MLB network. The outrage, the tears, the joy. Is he staying with the Mets or is he going to the division rival, Washington Nationals? Is he taking the 5 years, 100 million dollars or will he take the discount to stay with the city he loves?


Yoenis Cespedes salutes fans on final regular season game at Citi Field

Lets backtrack a little bit to the playoffs. Cespedes was nowhere to be found. His swagger was lost due to a slump that had him hitting .222 with 2 homeruns and 8 RBI’s. In 2013 he batted .381 during the post season for the Oakland Athletics. In 2012 he batted .316. Weeks before the 2015 playoffs started Cespedes tweaked his shoulder playing golf. Who knows if he didn’t hurt it that day what damage could he have done in the post season. A lot of Mets fans were also angered by his lack of hustle displayed during the World Series, where he misplayed a ball in centerfield that resulted in an inside the park homerun. And another play where he got doubled off to end game 4 of the World series.

Outraged fans took to twitter where they showed a dislike for Cespedes. They were hurt by the lack of heart and fight the Mets showed during the World Series. They were angered because Cespedes didn’t produce like he did from August to October when he carried this team to their first playoff berth in 9 years. The reality though was that the Mets weren’t going to sign him. He wanted too much money and too many years, and the Wilpons couldn’t afford that.


As key free agents began to sign with teams, Yoenis Cespedes was still available. The Mets were targeting the 35 year old Ben Zobrist, who appeared as a great fit for the Mets but he eventually signed with the Cubs. Jason Heyward was the next big FA to be taken off the market when he signed with the Cubs for a staggering 8 years, 184 million. The Mets then signed Alejandro De Aza on December 22nd, eliminating them from pursuing Cespedes. The plan was to have D Aza platoon with Lagares in Center field. That plan has changed.

Reports started to come out that the White Sox, Angels and Nationals were interested in Cespedes. #Metstwitter became frantic. A mets fans worst nightmare would be Cespedes in a Nationals uniform along side Daniel Murphy and reigning MVP Bryce Harper. Every time the Mets account (who is not ran by the front office) made a post, twitter users would angrily tweet at them with cries and profanity. Mets fans were back in the state of PANIC CITY.


Outrage from mets twitter after announcement of Bastardo signing


There is never a dull moment, being a Mets fan.. Most of the time we are either nervous, have anxiety or are even heart broken by our beloved New York Mets. We could only prepare for the worst. We would all refresh our twitters to see if the report came in that Cespedes was signing with the Nationals. Among all that social media chaos, the Mets signed left handed pitcher, Antonio Bastardo to help bolster the Mets bullpen. But it wasn’t Cespedes, it wasn’t good enough. We knew the ownership were too cheap to sign him, so we prepared for the worst.

But then several more reports came in that Yoenis Cespedes loved New York and the fans. It was the best city he’s played in. “He was a respected and good teammate”, David Wright said. The Mets fans who didn’t like Cespedes started to realize how much Cespedes meant to this team and how much this team meant to Cespedes. The question now was, Is Cespedes going to take the big money or is he going to play for the city he loves?

Then we all got that breaking news. Yoenis Cespedes signs a 3 year 75 million dollar deal with a 1 year opt out. WOW. The excitement, the joy, the love. Mets fans finally had an offseason to smile about. A superstar is now with Queens, at least for another season. This is incredible. A major league lineup in Queens for a full season. The last time the Mets had this good of an offense was in 2006. The last time they had this good of a starting rotation was in 1986. Sandy Alderson put these two forces together to potentially produce a 2016 championship team.




Go ahead Mets fans, Go ahead and smile


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