Coming off of a surprising regular season, post-season and off-season The Mets lineup for opening day is as flexible as ever with a bench consisting of (IF) Wilmer Flores, (IF) Ruben Tejada, (OF) Juan Lagares, (OF) Alejandro de Aza and (C) Kevin Plawecki, It’s hard to think those guys will never get a chance to start. The first 2 games of the season for The Mets will be in Kansas City with a DH.

The possible everyday lineup is:

  1. Curtis Granderson (RF) .259 (2015)
  2. Neil Walker (2B) .269 (2015)
  3. David Wright (3B) .289 (2015)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes (DH) .291 (2015)
  5. Lucas Duda (1B) .244 (2015)
  6. Michael Conforto (LF) .270 (2015)
  7. Travis d’Arnaud (C) .268 (2015)
  8. Juan Lagares (CF) .259 (2015)
  9. Asdrubal Cabrera (SS) .265 (2015)


(OF) Alejandro de Aza

(IF) Ruben Tejada

(C) Kevin Plawecki

Seeing it now the possible lineup does not look half bad but the big question is who will the starting pitcher be for Opening Day? In my personal opinion it should be Noah Syndergaard but, in reality, it will be Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom. If the reports about starting pitchers piggybacking in the first two games are true, then I could see Syndergaard and Matz playing relief for the other two.

So If the Cespedes physical goes as planned then this could be The Mets lineup we see on opening day against World Series winners Kansas City Royals.

Image result for mets 2015 team photo

  • Chris

    I agree for the most part but I would have Cespedes 3rd Conforto 4th Wright 5th Duda 6th. I heard that they might piggy back but I’m not sure if I would do that. If it was me it’d be Syndergaard Game 1, DeGrom Game 2, Harvey Game 3 because all the fans want to see Harvey first day at home, then Syndergaard again Game 4, then Matz 5, Colon 6

  • sellitman

    This is the best starting line up we have ever had. I was at the winning game in 69 and never have we had the team we are putting onto the field to start the season. Power pitching, hitting and an improved defense. LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!