Yo knows drama!! Yoenis Cespedes certainly knows how to capture the attention and imagination of the Mets Fan base with a decision that rocked the baseball world this past week. His decision is arguably the biggest free agent signing in Mets History.


Cespedes decision to stay with the Mets and leave Washington Nationals money on the table literally shifted the balance of power within the National league back to New York as the Mets are now the team being chased by the improved Cubbies and the stuck in neutral Nationals with an honorable mention to the Dodgers, D’Back;s and the always dangerous Cards. This team is built to win now and the Met Fan base literally did a collective high-five Friday night while a Nor’easter was bearing down on the big city.


Met fans owe Sandy, his staff and dare we say, the Met owners the benefit of the doubt after they played this free agent signing perfectly. Granted the sun, the moon and stars all aligned and Cespedes literally fell into their laps but Sandy played the waiting game and kept in touch throughout and also showed some flexibility in the end with a 3-year deal. The 3-year deal allowed Cespedes and his Roc Nation agents to save some face with the highest paid annual per year status among this year’s FA crop. If Yo walks after 1 year we also get that draft choice Sandy covets.


Yo clearly liked New York, liked his teammates and the fan base embraced his presence despite his warts. Yes, we can sign him up for a rifle of an arm, speed when he wants to turn it on and 30 dingers and 100 rib eyes, but we will also need to be prepared for his streaky bat, mental lapses in the field and get used to those 2 strike swings and misses on the slider away he was so susceptible to in late September and October.


The Met fan base got what we wanted. Just like when “we” (yes I was one of them sitting in the upper deck) were chanting Har-vey, Har-vey in the 9th inning of Game 5, we got what we wanted that fateful night, let’s see how it works out in 2016 with Yo!


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