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The 2016 MLB All-Star Game will take place at Petco Park in San Diego.

This year the yearly MLB All-Star game will be held in San Diego, CA at Petco Park the home of The San Diego Padres. The big question for some Met fans is who will represent the Mets at the all-star game?

Last year representing The Mets was young pitching stud Jacob deGrom who recorded 3 strikeouts with just 10 pitches thrown! he struck out the likes of Jason Kipnis who plays second for the Indians, Detroit Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias, and Athletics catcher Stephen Vogt. It is an understatement to say it was pure domination as it was pure “deGromination”. But who will represent The Mets this year?




5 Possible Candidates:


: If Cespedes is able to produce the same amount of offensive power as he did after he came to The Mets from The Tigers than he should be a shoe-in.Yoenis Cespedes


Noah Syndergaard: Thor is the future of velocity pitching. It would be stupid for him not to make it. If he shows more dominance this season he will be representing The Mets and Asgard this year.


Michael Conforto: I like to call Conforto the new “David Wright” because he is someone they will build the franchise around in the future. He is capable of hitting at least 25-30 homers per year.


Jeurys Familia: I think Familia being in the All-Star game this year is very possible. He can possibly record 50 plus saves this year. He was robbed last year but I think he is back for redemption.


Lucas Duda: Before I get negative backlash I need to explain myself. Lucas Duda might not be the best first baseman but he continues to have brilliant offensive spurts and if that could be an all year thing he could make the all-star game.




Who do you think will make the All-Star team? Leave your comments below!

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