Listed below is my Mount Rushmore of Mets starting pitchers.

Tom Seaver:

tom seaver mets

The greatest Met of all time. Tom Terrific pitched for the Mets from 1967 – 1977, with a brief cameo appearance in 1983.

Three Cy Young awards (’69, ’73 and ’75) and three National League ERA crowns (including his career best 1.76 in 1971). Not to mention his five strikeout crowns and three 20 win seasons. 198 wins, a 2.57 ERA, 2,541 strikeouts, 3,045.2 innings pitched. Not to mention his 171 complete games and 44 shutouts lead all Mets pitchers.

The Mets won the rights to Tom Seaver by winning a draw out of a hat after matching the Braves bonus offer of $40k. How different would Mets History be if they didn’t win that draw?

So it goes without saying that Tom Seaver is the George Washington of Mets Mount Rushmore pitchers.

Dwight Gooden:

Doc Gooden

Doc pitched for the Mets from 1984 – 1994.

I’ve seen Doc pitch at least 20 times in person. He had the greatest stuff I’ve ever seen. An overpowering fastball that moved all over the plate complimented by a hook that dropped off the plate making hitters look foolish. He helped bring Shea back to life in 1984 with a rookie of the year winning season of 17-9 and a rookie record 276 strikeouts.

I remember many a Friday night sitting in my buddy Matt’s field level seats or Saturday day games with my dad, standing up on every 2 strike pitch for Dr. K.

His 1985 season was one for the ages. At 24-4 and 1.53 ERA, he became the youngest Cy Young award recipient in baseball history.

I would be remiss if we didn’t mention the impact that drugs and alcohol had on his life and his career. The dynasty that should have been was ruined by drugs and alcohol on those Mets teams of the mid-80’s. They played hard and partied even harder.

Gooden had the second most Mets wins with 157, highest winning percentage at .649, 3rd best complete games at 67, and 2nd most strikeouts with 1,875. Gooden was the one who brought me to Shea in my late teens and early 20’s with season tickets for many years and allowed me to witness a great run in 86 and a winning Word Series Championship in Game 7.

No doubt about it, Doc is the second greatest Mets pitcher of all time.

Jerry Koosman:

jerry koosman

Koosman pitched from 1967 – 1978 with the Mets and was an integral part of the 1969 World Series team and the National League Champion 1973 team.

Jerry has the 3rd most Mets wins at 140. He also has 108 complete games and 26 shutouts. He was a perfect complement to Seaver over the years and had numerous clutch playoff game performances.

Ron Darling:


I know. I know.

Ronnie pitched for the Mets from 1983 – 1991 and was a gold glove winner in 1989.

Ron was the best fielding pitcher I’ve ever seen. He has the 4th most wins in Mets history with 99 alongside 1,620 innings logged. Darling was Gooden’s complimentary pitcher like Koosman was to Seaver.

Darling had good stuff and was smart on the mound but sometimes over thought his game too much, which made him a favorite in Davey Johnson’s dog house from time to time.

Helped the Mets to the World Series win in 1986 with a 15-6 record and a career-best 2.81 ERA.


So that’s my list as a 49-year-old Mets fan. Go ahead, you can tell me who should have been 3rd and 4th on my list, but no one can argue Seaver and Doc.

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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