Should the Mets trade Alejandro De Aza?

On Wednesday, the Mets re-introduced Yoenis Cespedes to the media.

Earlier in the offseason, the Mets signed Alejandro De Aza, which appeared to mean he would be splitting time with Juan Lagares in center field.

But with Cespedes back in the fold, Michael Conforto expected to become the starting left fielder, and Curtis Granderson coming off a phenomenal season, De Aza may have just become the Mets fifth outfielder.

During Cespedes’ new conference, Alderson speculated the possibility of exploring a trade for De Aza, but downplayed it at this time, “We’re not pursuing any of that at the moment,” Alderson said. “It’s conceivable.”

Paying De Aza $5.75 million to pinch-hit twice a week and start once a week is a steep price tag.

Fangraphs projects De Aza for a .265/.326/.397 slash line. while Steamer projects an even less impressive .241/.303/.364.It might be wise for the Mets to trade De

It might be wise for the Mets to trade De Aza, and instead turn to an in-house option that can likely provide the same production at a fraction of the cost.

However, the Mets lack any of those in-house options on the forty-man roster.

The only other outfielder currently on the forty-man is prospect Brandon Nimmo, whom the Mets just learned last week has a partial tear in his foot.

Meanwhile, the Mets traded Darrell Ceciliani to the Blue Jays for cash considerations.

This being the case, the Mets would be wise to retain all of their current outfielders and make a decision during or after spring training.


Another interesting tidbit from the news conference yesterday is the possibility of Travis d’Arnaud or Kevin Plawecki playing a position other than catcher.

Alderson said that Plawecki will be exposed to some first base during spring training. The primary backup for Lucas Duda is currently Wilmer Flores. The Mets are very intrigued by the opportunity of having both d’Arnaud and Plawecki’s bat in the lineup. If one of them showed the ability to play a corner outfield position, this could make De Aza or Lagares expendable.

At this point, it seems unlikely either outfielder is going anywhere, which might just be the best thing for the team right now.

What do you think? Should the Mets keep De Aza through spring training and wait for a trade to come to them? Or, should the Mets aggressively try to sell De Aza and bank on Brandon Nimmo staying healthy?