Maybe it’s the age of social media when anyone can have an opinion and a blog ? but I have to say 2016 is the most eagerly awaited season in Mets history. 

The 1985 season was highly anticipated as was the historic 1986 season.

I remember those seasons well, as I bought into the Mets as a season ticket holder after watching a small Shea crowd give the Mets a standing ovation in 1984 as the Cubs clinched a playoff berth.

I can recall being one of the first fans to stand when the announcement was posted on the board about the Cubbies clinching The National League East, and before we knew it the entire stadium was standing and cheering and thanking that ’84 team for bringing life back to Shea.

The 2016 season is less than 2 months away and with the Super Bowl almost behind us, Mets nation is literally foaming at the mouth waiting for this much-anticipated season to begin.

For once we have every reason to be optimistic with a solid lineup and the Billion dollar rotation for the ages ready to go.

As a new season ticket holder again, I’m hoping my timing is spot on as we march through the Spring the summer and hopefully the Fall classic.

Looking back this season seems more highly anticipated than any other Met season I can recall in my lifetime and let’s hope I’m right.

Let’s Go Mets!

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Met fan since childhood who also loves to write. Writer for In Mets we Trust