Spring Training is upon us! In just a few short days pitchers and catchers will report, kicking off the preseason as the Mets prepare to defend their National League pennant. I know I’m excited about this year and the possibilities for this team.

Entering Spring Training as the defending league champions puts a certain spotlight on the team and significantly raises expectations. Others have written extensively about those expectations and while I am not going to say a lot about that here I will add I have high expectations myself for 2016.

Spring Training is a great time to ready ourselves for the coming season and take a look at the team. I thought it would be beneficial to ask ourselves a few questions about this team. This can be a starting point, a sort of ‘checklist’ of things we can be watching for in February and March.

  1. How does David Wright look? We’ll need a healthy Wright to make another run this year.
  2. Can Lucas Duda provide that big bat in the middle of the order? We all know Duda can hit bombs, we all know he can hit 9 or 10 in a week. We also know he can go long stretches without one, something we’d like for him to avoid this year. I will be looking for more consistency from him this season, looking to see if he can pop some doubles and drive in some runs even during those home run droughts.
  3. How do Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera look defensively up the middle? I’m not expecting the greatest double play combo in history, just a steady, consistent tandem that can minimize errors and shorten innings when necessary.
  4. How’s the bullpen look before Jeurys Familia? I will be interested to see how Hansel Robles performs. Also, what can we expect from Addison Reed and Antonio Bastardo? The bullpen will be something I’m watching closely in the coming months.
  5. Can Travis d’Arnaud provide another big bat in the lineup? Also, how well is he throwing out runners? We’ll need a big season from Travis as well if we want to make a deep run.

I know there are a lot more questions to be answered, and a lot more things to look for as the team prepares in Port St. Lucie.

What are some of your questions? What are some of the things you are looking for as the Mets prepare for the upcoming season

Start the conversation in the comments below and let us know what you think. Any specific players you’ll be watching? What positions are the most intriguing as we enter Spring Training?