The 2016 season may be the most anticipated season in Mets franchise history.

The Mets and their fans have been counting down since game 5 of the World Series ended. The excitement for opening day is off the charts for Mets nation but it’s going to start with heartbreak.

The Amazins’ open up in Kansas City against the team they last saw celebrating on their home field. As anxious as everyone is for the Mets season to start, they will be equally devastated watching the pregame ceremony.

The Mets dugout will look on helplessly as the Royals will receive their World Series rings and wave new banners in Kauffman Stadium. The Mets will be thinking how close they were to getting their own rings and own banner. The big board will show highlights of the past season and especially the World Series. The Mets will be tortured watching their blown leads and missed opportunities.

The fans will be shaking the stadium and there will be comments from the stands behind the Mets dugout. When they show Wilmer Flores looking at strike 3 in the 12th inning of game 5 and the Royals dog pile on the Citi Field pitchers’ mound, it will be a shot in the gut for Mets nation. The feeling will carry with this team far after the game has started and hopefully the rest of the season.

It might sound like the worst beginning to such a hyped up year but it could be a blessing in disguise.

April 4th, 2016 will be the motivation for the rest of 2016. The Mets will harness all that grief and agony from the World Series and pregame ceremony of Opening Day, and use it as inspiration to ruin someone else’s opening day in 2017.

David Wright fist pump

David Wright celebrates after scoring against the Nationals at Nationals Park on September 7, 2015. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI


You go through it in 2006 and 2007 and 2008, and you kind of believe that’s going to be the standard. I don’t think you truly appreciate it until you go through some of the years we’ve been through. I think that’s something maybe I took for granted those years that I don’t take for granted anymore.

–  David Wright

You can bet the house that David Wright will echo those comments to every player in that clubhouse throughout the season.

The Mets will never just expect that they will automatically be in the playoffs. David won’t let them, and neither will Terry or the rest of the coaching staff.

The Mets won’t hide from the feeling of last year’s defeat in the World Series. They will carry it with them as motivation to work harder, get stronger, play better and be smarter. They tasted the champagne last year on multiple occasions, but they fell just short of winning it all.

I fully believe the Mets will do exactly what the Royals did last year. It is not going to be easy, but Opening Day will be a positive experience for the Mets in the long run, even though it will hurt at first. The Mets showed resilience all year in 2015 and they will do the same in 2016.

The Mets will grow from the experience and be more determined than ever to get to October and bring a championship home to Queens.

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