So Spring Training is right around the corner, this is the moment when all the counters are at zero and everybody is getting ready to start them, Pitchers and Position Players have been working out during the winter so they can arrive at Port St. Lucie in good shape. This time, everything looks bright in the future, the Mets can only see a season of success in the horizon, and how couldn’t they?

This team has what I like to call “The Best Roster in Baseball” and I don’t worry that I could be exaggerating for I am not the only one who thinks this way, you don’t need to be a fan of the orange-blue squad to agree with me, if you are a baseball person, if you follow this great sport, you can tell when a team is made for great things.


The team played in the World Series last year, and they proved  many people wrong, I heard analysts say that the Mets were gonna be second in NL East, because Washington was, or looked better, yes, Washington wasn’t looking bad, but little did they know…

Last year’s experience will help a lot, some of the players were just rookies in 2015, and they managed to perform really well under the pressure that comes with October ball, these guys have the talent, the guts, and the love for the Mets uniform; when you have all that, only good things can happen.

I’m sure this offseason has been sort of bitter for the players and coaching staff eagerly awaiting spring, but now the time has come to put on the cleats, step on the grass, and begin their journey to the “Promised Land”.