Yoenis Cespedes arrived in Port St Lucie on Sunday. La Potencia is in the house and the spotlight is on him.

This is the guy who changed the Mets’ offense for the better last July. When he became a Met, the team’s amount of runs scored per game raised drastically, which only comes to show how the addition of one bat can modify the way a lineup operates as a whole.

Cespedes was the perfect fit; he was exactly what the team had been looking for during the last two or three seasons, an outfielder with a dangerous bat.

The fans were excited and pumped at the sight of the Cuban slugger in a Mets uniform, very soon he started to feel like he belonged to New York, so after the season ended and winter arrived the man knew that he wanted to stay.


Yoenis Cespedes at Mets camp (Adam Rubin ESPN)

The expectations for this season aren’t little at all, some have said this is the biggest signing in Mets history, I would say it’s one of the most important at least. Yoenis is supposed to be the one who carries the offense on his shoulders, he has the tools to be successful at that, the support and admiration of the fans and his teammates will make him feel comfortable.

Soon enough this Cuban-born player is gonna start creating new memories for the Mets, let’s hope it’s the best kind.