David Wright is clearly not the player he once was. The former all-star 3rd baseman has seen a huge drop in production in the past few years. Mainly because his body has started to break down. After numerous injuries to his back and neck, the Captain looks to become a major part of the 2017 Mets roster. But where is this, realistically, possible?

At this point in Wright’s career, he is not an everyday 3rd basemen. The roster is filled with solid 3rd base options in Wilmer Flores, Jose Reyes and T.J. Rivera. Each of them have different qualities that can help this team win.

Wright should make himself more versatile to the team this up and coming season. This means he needs to grab a first baseman’s mitt and platoon with Lucas Duda.

David Wright home run World Series

David Wright hits a home run off Yordano Ventura in Game 3 of the 2016 World Series. (Getty Images)

Instead of trying to make Wright something he clearly isn’t at this point in his career, the Mets should look to maximize the player he is. He still has good hands in the field and he still crushes lefties at the plate.

Combine that with Duda’s ability to hit for power against right-handed pitching, you have a very solid first base situation.  If the Mets are able to squeeze around 60-80 games out of Wright this season, it would be a major plus for the team.  The platoon would allow him to stay fresh and do what he does best.  Wright is still the captain of this team and is very important to their success.

Many would explore the possibility of moving players like Michael Conforto to first base. A few years down the line this could be a move they look at but right now, Conforto needs to develop into the star outfielder we all think he can be.  If Jay Bruce is moved, this whole situation becomes clearer and all signs point to Bruce being moved this offseason.

This 2017 Mets roster has all the pieces to contend for a playoff spot. In order for that playoff spot to turn into a World Series championship, they will need to get creative and maximize their players’ abilities.

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