Arbitration may seem like a complicated concept to many baseball fans, but it’s actually much easier to understand than one might think.

For any player’s first three seasons with a team, they are paid the league minimum or higher. After these three years, the team must pay them more than their previous salary in order to avoid arbitration, otherwise they can ‘non-tender’ a contract to the player making them a free agent. The player does have the power to have an asking price, but the team will ultimately offer what they feel their player’s performance has earned them thus far. If the two sides can’t come to an agreement, the proposals from both the player and team are relayed to a neutral party; it’s this party that will formulate the most reasonable salary size.

For 2017, Mets’ GM, Sandy Alderson put a strict deadline on salary agreements (1:00 p.m. Friday, January 13); if no agreement was reached by then, Alderson would have had the players proceed to an arbitration hearing. The only player heading to a hearing is Wilmer Flores. Aside from him, the other names that were eligible were able to come to an agreement with the team.

Jacob deGrom will earn $4.05 million this season after having just previously earned $607,000.

Matt Harvey will receive $5.125 million after receiving $4.325 million.

Catcher Travis d’Arnaud, whom the Mets are hoping to get a productive season out of, will earn $1.875 million.

Addison Reed has earned himself a nice contract out of the bullpen of $7.75 million.

Perhaps the most interesting case is that of All-Star closer Jeurys Familia who led the league in regular season saves with 51 last year.

Sandy Alderson. Photo Credit: Alex Goodlett, New York Times.

Although the league hasn’t confirmed whether he will be suspended or not after his domestic violence charges, he and the Mets have agreed on a $7.425 million contract.

Ultimately, the arbitration process is really not important to fans. We will just have to wait and see if these players live up to their contracts this season.

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