Either all of you know this or none of you know this (probably the latter), but Wilmer Flores is probably one of the top 7 best things to ever happen to the New York Mets.

His dedication, boyish charm, and most importantly love for the team and fan base make him nothing short of a heartthrob for all fans of Mets baseball. You can have your J-Biebs, your 1D’s, and whatever other sensations sweeping the nation that people climb over barricades to see. I’ll take Wilmer Flores any day of the week. I even got his jersey custom made because they don’t sell it. Is that weird? Yeah, probably.

Okay so that being said, I’m beginning an installment called ‘The Wilmer Wire’. It’s going to involve anything and everything Wilmer Flores. It will only be relevant to the die-hard community that is the Mets fan base, and the even smaller community within that community that has a weird obsession with a second string utility player (as of now).

I’ll post updates on his stats, slumps, hot streaks, and shenanigans on and off the field. It will be anywhere from weekly to monthly, probably more on the monthly side until opening day comes around. So rev up your water works because Wilmer’s back for another season of probably ending up as an everyday starter after half the team gets in a street sweeper accident.

I’ll leave you with this image from his Instagram (@catire_4):


Seen here is an image of Wilmer wearing a shirt based on the hit tv show “Friends”. Wilmer is an outspoken fan of the show, so much that he changed his walk-up song to the show’s theme song after he binged every season of it. He’s on the quiet side, but he knows how to make you laugh. Classic Wilmer.

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  • adam streicher

    Something interesting about Wilmer:

    His entire AVG/OBP/SLG slash line has ascended in each year of his career. His OPS+ has steadily increased from 54 in his age 21 season up to 90, 93, then a very respectable 108 last year in his age 24 season. Could his age 25 year be a break out for Wilmer?