Standing on the mound at 6’6″, 240 lbs., and throwing at speeds that can reach triple digits – that must be a daunting situation for many hitters. Noah Syndergaard, the ace of the New York Mets, has certainly made his presence felt around the league.

Throughout his first two seasons, he’s posted an ERA of 2.89 and has averaged 10.4 K/9. The baseball world was taken by storm when he challenged the Royals in the 2015 World Series telling them if they have a problem with the way he’s pitching he’s only “60 feet, 6 inches away”.

Let’s dive into Syndergaard’s off-field antics; particularly his use of social media. Anyone who follows Thor on Twitter or Instagram already knows about his comedic personality. If any of you don’t currently follow him, hopefully you soon will.

Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard. Kathy Willins | AP.

As you all may know, his nickname is Thor, the superhero/god of thunder within the Marvel Universe. Loki is Thor’s devious brother – one of the Universe’s super-villains. As part of his Twitter bio, he states that Mr. Met is his Loki; the two of them have quite the relationship. One of the many examples:

A tweet by The 7 Line advertising new sweatshirts. Syndergaard promptly replied to that tweet:

Aside from his rivalry with Mr. Met, there are many other ways he continuously makes his followers laugh on social media.

After Syndergaard’s 2 home run game:

After Bartolo Colon was signed by the Braves:

After the Mets re-signed Yoenis Cespedes:

And not necesarily funny, but a pump up for 2017:

Every now and then he will poke fun at some of his fellow teammates; usually other pitchers. The New York Mets’ Instagram account posted a picture of Zack Wheeler not too long ago, and Syndergaard simply commented, “Awful beard.”

It’s also a well-known fact that Syndergaard does not like the wave and wants it “banned.” He lets his followers know about this every now and again.

It’s pretty evident as to why he is growing into a fan favorite amongst Met fans – he’s a man with an intimidating yet hilarious personality…not to mention he is also a purely dominant pitcher.

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