In order for the Mets to be successful this year, meaning a deep playoff run and contending for a World Series, Noah Syndergaard needs to apply a sense of fear into his opponents. Syndergaard must continue to improve, and validate that he can be dominant more consistently.

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It is without question that Noah has taken over as the ace of the New York Mets staff, followed by the likes of Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Steven Matz. However, what still is in question is whether or not Syndergaard is ready to take the next step, which is leading the Mets to another NL East division title, while putting up CY Young award type numbers. Mets fans hope that he can emerge into a leader in the clubhouse and can lead by example through his actions on the mound. Syndergaard needs to carry out to the mound with him, his desire to win and tenacity to compete, which is what we all hope and wishes he does.

Dominant and consistent pitching performances along with a little bit of run support can certainly take the Mets a long way this coming season. With Noah Syndergaard leading the charge, the sky certainly seems to be the limit for the 2017 New York Mets. The goal is to win a World Series, and it clear that all the Mets players, including Syndergaard, are hungry and ready to achieve this goal.

What happens in the 2017 season still remains to be seen, yet we can all expect that Noah Syndergaard will be right in the thick of things. Syndergaard is in the process of gracefully transitioning into the face of the franchise, and as Mets fans, we should all be very excited about that. With that being said, Noah Syndergaard is a man of many faces, one who loves the spotlight in moments of competition and in moments of humor. The question to which face Syndergaard will be wearing as he takes strides to lead the franchise still remains unanswered.

So who really is Noah Syndergaard? Let’s hope the 2017 season gives us the answer.

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