America has a new President in Donald J. Trump in the White House. As we enter one of the worst times of the year for sports, it got me thinking…Which Mets player could run for office?

As you look up and down the roster there seem to be a few standout guys that in my imaginary world, could run for office if they chose to.

I decided to narrow it down to three guys. The candidates are David Wright, Curtis Granderson and Noah Syndergaard.

Curtis Granderson: Granderson brings a lot the table in this race. He is very well spoken with the media. He speaks intelligently to all the tough New York reporters and handles them well. Granderson is also great with the fans and he is always interacting with them in the on-deck circle.

Grandy is not only good with his words but his actions as well. He leads by example and is consistent.

He gives back to the community and is a great influence on our nation’s youth. Grandy has his own foundation, the Grand Kids foundation, which is a respected organization.

It is easy to see why Granderson is cherished by fans of the game.

I could totally see Granderson sitting in the Oval Office and running the country with his well-mannered, soft spoken leadership qualities.

Granderson running mate: Lucas Duda. The quiet, powerful Duda is his choice for VP. Grandy will always be able to keep tabs on Duda with the wefollowlucasduda Instagram account.

Slogan: The Grandy Man Can


Next candidate is…


David Wright: Captain America has decided to run as well. The nickname alone is enough to get him elected as our nation’s president.

Wright, similar to Granderson, is very good with the media. He is always the first to answer the tough questions and he doesn’t shy away from anything. The captains a passionate leader and that passion would serve him well as president.

Another thing Wright would have going for him is that his wife would be a beautiful First Lady. Molly beers, Wrights wife, may challenge our current First Lady for the best-looking award.

All these things would make Wright an interesting candidate for the Oval Office.

Running Mate: Jose Reyes. Reyes and Wright have somewhat of a bromance going on because of all the time they spent together with the Mets. Their strong relationship will allow them to run the country more smoothly because they know each other so well. Oh yeah, and they made one hell of combo in the field together when they were in there primes playing next to each other (2017 performance TBD).

Slogan: Make the Wright choice


The last candidate to run is…


Noah Syndergaard: Thor is now in the running for commander in chief. The flame-throwing Texan is a polarizing figure in sports. His great ability to connect with the fans via social media is easily the best on the team.

He boasts an easy going yet fiery attitude. He doesn’t shy away from confrontation and if you have a problem with that you can meet him 60 ft. 6 inches away. Syndergaard’s 6’6 240 lb. frame would easily make him the tallest president in US history.

Thor has a certain swagger hat would do him well as he handles the problematic issues he would face as president.

Also, his hair. The hair is feathered and lethal. Many voters couldn’t shy away from voting for Syndergaard’s hair alone.

Running mate: Jacob deGrom. Two men with luscious manes in the White House. While they fend off enemies with 98 MPH fastballs and a flip of their hair. I may be talking myself into voting for them right now.

Slogan: Make Hair Great Again

Now that I have listed the candidate’s, it’s time to make a decision. The player I believe would make the best president on the Mets is Curtis Granderson. He seems like one of the nicest guys in sports and he handles himself so well.  I wouldn’t mind having a President Granderson at all. I am sure Yankee and Tiger fans would agree.

Who do you guys think would make the best president on the Mets? Leave a comment.

About The Author

Currently a student at Brookdale Community College where I study media communications. My freshman year I played on the baseball team at the school and have a passion for the game. Lifelong die hard Mets fan.

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