Over the years, baseball has been clamping down on the use of chewing tobacco by players. We have seen this with the ban of containers of it on the field, otherwise facing a fine.

During this past offseason, MLB’s labor agreement included a ban on smokeless tobacco use altogether for all new incoming players. Violations of this agreement can be met with fines up to $250 for first-time offenders, spelling financial ruin for professional athletes. Players or anybody in baseball found to have violated a law are subject to discipline from the commissioner. This can only lead one to believe the next stop on the way to a tobacco-free league is an outright tobacco ban.

As of now all we can do is speculate on future rules and regulations. We can never know for sure if an absolute ban is coming. But if there’s one thing we do know it’s that, historically, prohibition of certain products is effective and time well spent. Rules aside, this prompted me to see who, in fact, on the Mets likes dingers. And I’m not talking home runs.

The first player that came to mind was Matt Harvey. Seen here is Matt both throwing a heater and packing one between the gums at the same time.

Another pitcher on the team who likes his share of the cancerous leaf is Hansel Robles. Here he is seen probably in the late innings of the game with intense focus, a side effect (if any) of tobacco.

Even our beloved Thor with what looks to be an eagle claw of chew. Looks like a wintergreen flavor kind of guy.

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While it is not known if any of the Mets still use chewing tobacco, as of now, I can only seem to think of pitchers, not position players, on the Mets that regularly cracked open some chaw during either playing or leisure time.

Maybe follow Curtis Granderson and stick a wad of gum in your mouth instead.

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