Extra extra! Read all about it! Wilmer Flores has won his arbitration with the New York Mets and will now make $2.2 million in his 2017 season instead of the originally proposed $1.8 million. Not only is Wilmer winning the hearts and minds of the Mets fan base, but he’s getting a contract not only that he deserves but one that he has to live up to.

Wilmer has increased his numbers in every category ever since joining the Mets at the age of 16 years old. Last season, he hit .267/.319/.469 with 16 home runs in 358 at-bats. That’s not to mention him going yard against lefty pitchers when he put up a very respectable .340 batting average with 11 home runs last season. Wilmer just turned 25 this past year, and everyone knows that peak physical performance comes around in your mid-twenties. That’s just science, man.

With the full squad back on the team, he’s going to be fighting to be a solid back up and, if the stars align, a possible everyday starter. Personally, I doubt he will disappoint. There’s a storm coming, and its name is Hurricane Wilmer. He’ll be there for us when the rain starts to fall. Judging by his Snapchat (wflores4954) he has been hitting the gym every day. Don’t be surprised if his gains in the gym translate to gains on the baseball diamond.

He’s also been in a good and humorous mood judging by this image from his Instagram (catire_4):

Is that Joey from Friends? Nope. That’s Wilmer and it seems he’s doin’ just fine with his new contract. But how are we doin’, Wilmer? We couldn’t be better now that you’re back (contractually).

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