With the Super Bowl the only big thing left until Spring Training, I figured I’d pass the time by making a New York Mets football team.

Coaching staff:

Head Coach: Terry Collins

Offensive Coordinator: Kevin Long

Defensive Coordinator: Dan Warthen

Special Teams Coordinator: Tom Goodwin


Quarterback: Jacob deGromAlthough he’s a tad thin and will be injury-prone under center, deGrom’s athletic build will allow him to move in the pocket and avoid tacklers. His strong and accurate arm will result in both deep passes and quick passes, which will keep the defense on its toes. Plus, his locks will flow out of the helmet beautifully.

Other option: Noah Syndergaard

Running Back: Jose ReyesAs a speed back, Reyes will easily evade tacklers as he gains most of his yards in singleback formations. Although blocking will be a problem, Reyes is shifty enough to make up for it as a receiver. deGrom will find him for quick screen passes, and with a little bit of blocking, Reyes should have no trouble getting into the end zone.

Other option: Juan Lagares

Fullback: Josh SmokerNot too tall with a strong build, Smoker will pick up the pass blocking when Reyes struggles. Also a passing option, Smoker might catch defenses off-guard with his deceptive agility.

Other options: Travis d’Arnaud, Josh Edgin

Wide Receiver: Robert GsellmanWhile thin, Gsellman’s quickness will allow him to get open for medium passes. His tall frame will be essential, as deGrom might use him as an endzone target.

Wide Receiver: David WrightAn all-around stud, Wright’s experience will lead to him being a leader on this team. As he fights through his return from a serious neck injury, Wright will be useful as a safety net that deGrom can look to when under pressure.

Wide Receiver: Curtis GrandersonUsing his speed and impressive hands, Granderson will be a deep threat for deGrom. By having a threat like Granderson, the Mets will be able to clear the middle of the field which will lead to more catches for Gsellman and Walker.

Other options: Juan Lagares, Steven Matz

Tight End: Lucas DudaWith his large frame, Duda will end up as a prime end zone threat. His blocking skills might lack a bit, but his ability to catch high passes in the end zone will compensate for it.

Other options: Noah Syndergaard, Jay Bruce


Defensive End: Noah Syndergaard. Using his athletic ability to get off the edge quickly, Syndergaard will be hard to contain. With his tall build, quarterbacks will have difficulty seeing over his reach, resulting in a plethora of batted passes at the line.

Other option: Seth Lugo

Linebacker: Yoenis CespedesThis was a pretty obvious pick. Cespedes has the perfect build for a linebacker, and will be a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side of the ball. With the ability to drop back into coverage or come full force at the quarterback, don’t be surprised to see Cespedes in the Pro Bowl after year one.

Linebacker: Neil Walker. More of a coverage guy, Walker will spy on the quarterback and try to read his eyes. Too slow to be a wide receiver, Walker will show he has great hands, intercepting a few passes as a coverage linebacker.

Other options: Michael Conforto, Jeurys Familia

Cornerback: Brandon Nimmo. Using his outfield ability, Nimmo will be a great zone cornerback. His ability to anticipate throws will compensate for quick wide receivers who might underestimate his athletic ability.

Other options: TJ Rivera

Free Safety: Juan Lagares. This one is a no-doubter. Lagares will roam around the secondary and be nimble on his feet, resulting in a multitude of jaw-dropping plays. But, he must stay healthy.

Other options: Asdrubal Cabrera

Well, there you have it. The New York Football Mets. I’m sorry I couldn’t fit Wilmer in there, but I know he never wants to leave the real Mets, so I saved him some tears.

So, what do you think? Can they beat the Browns?

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A high school senior from Westchester, NY, I live and die by the Mets. I've been a Mets fan for as long as I can remember, and I will be majoring in journalism at Stony Brook University in the fall! LGM!