This offseason the Mets have finally fixed the two major problems with their roster. They finally opened their checkbooks and locked up a big-time slugger for the foreseeable future in Yoenis Cespedes, but they also fixed another problem as well. That problem would be depth.

It seems every year the Mets suffer from the injury bug that they usually can’t overcome.  Last season was a little different story. They managed to catch lightning in a bottle and make a run to clinch a postseason berth. Although the postseason was short-lived, they found some great pieces in the farm system that made an immediate impact in the bigs.

The run was led by players like Noah Syndergaard, Asdrubal Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Curtis Granderson, Jose Reyes and Yoenis Cespedes. But the true heroes of last season were the unknowns.

The under the radar commodities of Robert Gsellman, Seth Lugo and T.J. Rivera helped the Mets fill voids that seemed impossible to fill when the injuries occurred. These three guys were instrumental in the Mets playoff run and will also be key to the future of the team. They have shown they are capable of producing in big spots and are up to the challenge when called on.

The emergence of these three guys have helped create something the Mets haven’t had in years and that is depth.

The fab 5 guys in the rotation may finally pitch together all at once this season, but who knows with the uncertainty of injuries. Gsellman and Lugo allow the Mets to be 7 guys deep in the rotation, while also allowing the fab 5 rest when needed and help in the bullpen if needed. They are not only an insurance policy for injuries but also for poor production. If one or two guys seem to be faltering, these guys can step in.

The recent signings of Fernando Salas, Tom Gorzelanny and Jerry Blevins have added much-needed depth to a major weakness heading into the offseason. They have many options in the bullpen even if Jeurys Familia is out for a while. Addison Reed can hold down the closer spot if needed and if guys like Hansel Robles and Josh Smoker can step up, this bullpen may end up being pretty solid.

Offensively, they have many solid options. It seems that Jay Bruce will be on the team and having a guy who can hit 30 homers on the roster is never a bad thing. They have a solid 1-2 punch at the top of the order with Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera. These two are table setters for Cespedes, Bruce, Neil Walker and Lucas Duda.

If they get on base, these guys can change the game with one swing. It also doesn’t hurt that they have Wilmer Flores on the bench who crushes lefties. The uncertainty of David Wright and finding young OF Michael Conforto opportunities may arise as problems but we will have to wait and see how Terry Collins manages with this many options.

The Mets have depth and look to have all their guys healthy heading into camp. If healthy, this looks to be the best roster the Mets have had in quite some time.

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Currently a student at Brookdale Community College where I study media communications. My freshman year I played on the baseball team at the school and have a passion for the game. Lifelong die hard Mets fan.