Stop me if you’ve heard this before…. David Wright has been sidelined with an injury.  The team announced yesterday that star 3rd baseman David Wright is “out indefinitely” and may miss Opening Day with a right shoulder impingement.

Wright has played just 75 games in the past two seasons combined with various injuries.  Wright, 34, was diagnosed with a career-threatening back injury called Spinal Stenosis in 2015 and dealt with a pinched nerve in his neck that ended his 2016 campaign in May.

The Mets had placed a pretty strict throwing program on Wright so far this spring and that program has now been halted in the wake of this impingement.  Wright was sent back to New York for further examination on his right shoulder.

According to Sandy Alderson, there is no structural damage in his shoulder and surgery is not required, however he has been shut down for the immediate future.  Wright played just last Saturday in the Mets Grapefruit League game.  David DH’d and went 0-2 during the game.

Although he had his throwing program shut down, it appears the Mets will still want Wright to receive at-bats in the Grapefruit League and will have him DH for a while.

As a lifelong Mets fan and a fan of the person that is David Wright, this hurts.  Even though everyone seemingly knew David would get hurt at some point this season I really didn’t expect there to be an issue so soon.  I’m no doctor and don’t have any idea what a shoulder impingement really is, but it seems like it would somehow be connected to the neck issue that he had last season.

David has consistently had throwing issues the last couple of seasons when he has been healthy and this will certainly not help that.  Just about a week and a half ago I was at Mets camp in Port St. Lucie and watched David Wright take ground balls at third, however he was not throwing.  This leads me to believe that he may have been experiencing a little pain earlier and has now decided it isn’t something that he could play through.

This begs the question that no Mets fan wants to answer and that is at what point does David Wright begin to be hindrance to the Mets roster?  Of course there is no question about the level of leadership that he brings to the team when he’s in the clubhouse, but when does his inability to perform at a high level begin to truly hurt the Mets.

Obviously if the Mets were an AL team it sounds like Wright could DH and be fine, but that just isn’t the case in the National League.  Is it worth it to have him on the bench as a pinch hitter who cannot play the field?  There are only 5 players that can stay on the bench and is it worth it to have David Wright be one of those guys?

Wright has four years, $67 million left on his contract including a full no-trade clause.  Realistically it is going to be very difficult to see him playing four more years of baseball for a team that is in win-now mode.

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